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Ex demo/Trial Triple Rotacasters

Ex demo/Trial Triple Rotacasters

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These are either Ex Demo or trial Rotacasters all in good working order.
Ideal for home use or Prototypes.
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The Rotacaster is the only multi-directional wheel technology developed primarily as an industrial and commercial floor wheel.
The fixed orientation of it's main wheel allows forward and reverse movement without fighting a swivel caster offset, while the peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotational, lateral and diagonal movement. When navigating turns this also elimates all skipping associated with fixed wheels.

Key benefits include:

360 degree manoeuvrability without turning or swiveling wheels
Better directional control and tracking
Precise positioning - without swivel offset correction
No resistance due to misaligned swivel castors
Minimal wheel space/housing requirements
Simple mounting - choose from forks, cups, channels and rails or stack together on an axle to form a roller wheel

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