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The Stairclimber Rotatruck

Increase Productivity & Safety - Without Compromise to Either

Using a Rotatruck leads to an improved workplace safety, reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries, while increasing the ease of handling and  transporting. It requires around 30% less effort than a standard hand truck when ascending stairs.


Jockey Wheels
- Large Aluminium Nose
- 360º Manoeuvrability



Rotatruck Video

See our Stairclimber Rotatruck in action...


Rotatruck vs Standard Hand Truck.

Leverage Plus
More leverage, less lifting
The smaller front Rotacaster wheel gives the Rotatruck better leverage than traditional 2-wheelers, making it easie rto pull back, park, lever & balance loads.



Hands Free Balance
Just push, don't carry
The compact, multi-directional wheelbase fully supports loads without any operator effort, totally removing the need to carry or balance the load.



Magic Step Up
Lever it, don't lift it
The fixed Rotacaster wheels allow you to step & lever loads without turning or reversing, increasing speed by 63% & decreasing effort by 78%.



Easy Rotation
Spin it, or roll it
The Rotacaster wheel allows 360 degree rotation & direct sideways movement - enabling optimal load positioning. Perfect for confined spaces.



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The Rotatruck Difference.


Multi-Directional Wheels
Rotacaster Multi-Directional wheel for 360° mobility.


For vertical loading & storage: retracts automatically.


Wheelbase Options 
For different load, terrain
& mobility requirements


Load Security 
For hands-free load engagement & security.


Nose Solutions 
For quick, easy load engagement & de-palletising.


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