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125mm Omni Wheels

For hand trucks, trolleys, conveyers, robotics and much more...

125mm Rotacaster Wheels are available in a variety of configurations, including doubles (R2), triples (R3) and quads (R4) for varying load and weight requirements. Single 125mm Rotacaster (R1) wheels are suitable for conveyor transfer use only and available on request.

Every 125mm Rotacaster Wheel has 8 over-moulded polyurethane (PU) rollers, available in two different hardnesses to suit different surfaces, surroundings and environments. While the softer 85A rollers are recommended for indoor usage like in warehouses or in noise sensitive/quite environments (e.g. health sector), the 95A rollers are extremely robust and durable and applicable to all surfaces and environments especially outside.

A range of keyed, nominal bores and different bearing/bushing options (sealed, shielded, nylon) are suitable for nearly every purpose.




    Made in Australia. Patent pending. 




125mm QUAD - R4125mm QUAD - R4
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